10 Top Hair Growth Tips


Learn To Handle Stress

Learn To Handle Stress

As stressful as the truth can be, stress is implicated in causing trouble in everything from hair loss, hair thinning, and graying hair to substantial weight gain, high blood pressure, uncontrolled blood sugar, cancer, acne, ulcers …. and more medical problems! A little stress in life is a good thing. A little stress is the gentle push back in life that makes us want to try to better ourselves. All the problems of life may not get solved, but it is possible to learn to react to stress more harmoniously with those around you.


Studies show that 7 to 9 hours of sleep actually help reduce hair loss.


Add 90 minutes of aerobic exercise each week. Walking counts, but getting your heart rate up to where it is a little difficult keeping a conversation is key. Lifting weights adds muscle that burns calories. In men, added muscle translates to more testosterone. Be sure to take saw palmetto. Today exercise has been called the fountain of youth. Exercise moves the blood and increases oxygenation to the body, but it does a lot more. An important system in the body that needs muscle movement to do its job is the lymph system. This parallel system to the blood system gets its primary movement not by the heart pumping, but by moving arms and legs around. The lymph system helps take away excess fluids and toxins from tissues. Swelling in the legs and feet can often be alleviated just by walking.

Eat a Cleaner Diet

I’ve known a lot of bodybuilders and health advocates in my life. Only TWO were able to maintain ultra clean diets for extended periods. One would eat a regimented diet all month long and then allow himself to eat one huge slice of cheesecake as a reward. It worked for him. I would like to be so committed and disciplined. The successful bodybuilders I knew, those who reached their physical goals, but also their mental, emotional and spiritual goals, all said the same thing to me. Eighty percent of a bodybuilders success is in the diet. Clean up your diet so you can live a better quality life, and hopefully, live with thicker, fuller hair.


The hair follicle is more than 90% protein. High quality protein is necessary especially after low protein or poor diets.

Eat Fresh

Fresh fruits and vegetables, unprocessed, give your hair more nutrition to grow. Poor diets with high amounts of sugars, carbohydrates and fats don’t give proper nutrtition for hair regrowth.


A detox is a short diet, maybe 2 or 3 days, sometimes a week, when you give yourself excellent food in limited amounts. That’s my definition. I had friends who were more ambitious by going on a juice fast. Although that type of diet may be healthy, when you’re priming yourself to be healthy enough to regrow hair, protein is an important nutrient to keep in the diet. Detoxing and eating protein isn’t always in the same diet program.


Minerals and Special Nutrition Eating good nutritious food can be difficult. The nutrients below are at the top of the list for hair growth. Vitamin A, B-complex, especially biotin and vitamin B6 and inositol Copper, Iron, Silica, Magnesium, and Zinc Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Scalp Massage and Cleansing

Some hair loss is simply clogged hair follicles. Too much use of poor shampoos and conditioners or products designed to make hair look better, but does nothing to help the scalp, often clog or irritate pours and hair follicles. Not everyone has this problem, but those that do will see a marked increase in hair regrowth within 3 months of just changing the hair care regimen. Scalp massages bring blood to the surface with more nutrition that feeds growing hair.

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